Constellation is changing the way the world sees skin cancer.

The first imaging system to provide full-body skin mapping and ongoing monitoring. Lightweight, affordable, and convenient.

Mole Maps | Early Detection of Skin Cancer Symptoms | Constellation Technology

Posted on 24 May 2013 5,680 comments

It’s not just what Constellation can do. It’s how easily and affordably it can do it.

Leveraging existing digital imaging and video stitching algorithms to create an effective mole mapping system is one thing. Making that system so affordable and easy to use that consumers can own and operate it themselves is quite another. To achieve the desired impact on skin cancer survival rates, Constellation’s technology is held to challenging criteria.

At less than $2,500, Constellation is affordable for consumer and commercial segments.

From scanning and uploading, to printing a mole map to share with your doctor, operation is surprisingly simple.

A full body scan can take as little as 30 seconds, so monthly home use is quick and convenient.

Scans entire skin surface for subtle changes, unlike apps/devices/biopsies which aim to diagnose a mole only after it is selected as suspicious.

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