Constellation is changing the way the world sees skin cancer.

The first imaging system to provide full-body skin mapping and ongoing monitoring. Lightweight, affordable, and convenient.

Constellation Team | MIT Scientists and Innovators

Posted on 24 May 2013 5,604 comments

Christian Bailey


Founder of two technology companies. Investor in applied science spinouts from MIT and Harvard. Loves exploring university labs, engaging researchers, and digging into scientific innovations.

Anders Brownworth

CTO full-bio

Disruptor. Conceived and created two industry-changing technologies: a $20/month unlimited hybrid WiFi-cellular phone and selling/providing Internet bandwidth through an exchange.

Jonathan Swerdlin

CO-FOUNDER full-bio

Visionary communicator. Founder of global medical device distribution and public health company with government and private clients. Force behind impact organizations Nexus Global Youth Summit on Innovative Philanthropy and SandyBaggers.

Mark Murcko, PhD

ADVISOR full-bio

Contributed to four approved drugs in the fields of glaucoma, HIV, and HCV. Formerly CTO and Chair, SAB at Vertex and is current or former member of >10 journal editorial boards, 9 Scientific Advisory Boards, and 2 Boards of Directors. He has authored >40 issued patents, >80 scientific publications, and >130 invited lectures.

Prof. Sanjay Sarma

ADVISOR full-bio

Translates academic innovation to industry. Inventor of technology and standards behind RFID, spun out as EPC Global. Professor in Mechanical Engineering at MIT, co-founder and former CSO at OATSystems, acquired by Checkpoint Systems (NYSE:CKP).

Prof. Ed Boyden

ADVISOR full-bio

Innovation Curator. Invented Optogenetics, combining innovations in materials science, genomics, optics, microfabrication, computation, and protein engineering into breakthrough tools now in use by over 600 labs and research institutes worldwide. Leads Synthetic Neurobiology group at MIT. Recipient of TR35, NIH Director’s New Innovator Award, NSF CAREER Award, and Paul Allen Distinguished Investigator Award.

Prof. Ramesh Raskar


Leads Camera Culture research group at MIT Media Lab. Prolific inventor across fields of computational photography, imaging, and human-computer interaction, including a camera that sees around corners and a camera that sees faster than light. Recipient of TR35 and DARPA Young Faculty awards. He holds >50 patents.

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